Press Releases July 18, 2016

Tourism Industry Grows 4.3% in HALIFAX

Monday, July 18, 2016 – 10:30 – Tourism in the Halifax region has seen significant growth in the last three years, largely driven by an increase in leisure travellers. Visitation is up 4.3% for the first half of the year, benefiting local hotels, restaurants, transportation and retail businesses.

“With an economic value of the Halifax Tourism Industry estimated at approximately $1 billion, this translates to an increased value of approximately $22 million in the first half of 2016 alone,” said Jeff Ransome, Chairman of the Board, Destination Halifax. “This is also the third consecutive year of growth with the industry being up 10.4% since 2013.”

Halifax businesses reaping the benefits of the growth in tourism include restaurants, accommodations, retail, transportation and airport as well as vehicle operation and gas.  Halifax’s tax payers also benefit from the recent industry growth. The local tourism industry generates $120 million in provincial sales tax, $130 million in federal tax revenue (for the province of Nova Scotia) and $14.5 million in property taxes for the municipality of Halifax.

Tourism is a $2 billion industry in Nova Scotia, with roughly half (54%) of all visitor spend occurring in Halifax, and 5.5 million overnight stays each year.

To put the Halifax tourism industry in perspective, it represents approximately 2% of the provincial GDP and is a larger sector than fishing, agriculture, mining, and forestry combined. There are 1,642 businesses operating in the tourism sector in Halifax, employing 23,290 people. This includes 55 hotels, 1,088 restaurants, 1,428 retailers, and several hundred other related operators and businesses.

“From Destination Halifax to the Halifax Convention Centre, the Port, Stanfield International, tourism operators, hotels, shops and restaurants, we are all part of Team Halifax,” said Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax. “Together, this team is making Halifax a growing destination of choice for visitors throughout the Atlantic region, across Canada, the U.S., and points well beyond.”

About Destination Halifax

Destination Halifax is non-profit, membership-based sales and marketing organization in partnership with the Halifax regional government, the Hotel Association of Nova Scotia, and participating industry members. Since its inception in 2002, Destination Halifax has operated with a goal of promoting the Halifax region a destination of choice for meetings and conventions and leisure visitation.

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