Eat & Drink March 11, 2016

Top 5 places for PANCAKES in Halifax!

Pancakes are always a delicious breakfast food and are easily adaptable to suit many different tastes, weather you want sweet and fruity or covered in whip cream! Plenty of diners around Halifax serve pancakes, and here are 5 of my favourite places:

  1. Smitty’s

Smitty’s pancakes are famous; so famous that you can buy the mix for them now. These classic buttermilk pancakes are super fluffy and super filling. Definitely don’t miss them when you head to Smitty’s next!

Location: 1490 Martello Street

  1. Cora’s

Cora’s is ALWAYS packed on the weekends, as in waiting list packed, but so worth it. Cora’s has made a name for itself with all the delicious and savoury breakfast foods. The pancakes here are fluffy, stacked high and come with a variety of side options, as well as the choice for blueberry or cherry pancakes. I stuck with the traditional pancakes, and they were excellent!

Location: 1535 Dresden Row

  1. Elle’s Bistro

The owner of Elle’s Bistro is perhaps most known for being a long-time staple at Cousins Restaurant, and she opened her diner on Barrington Street a couple of years ago. The food here is delicious and homemade, and the pancakes here hit the spot. Check out Elle’s Bistro for a bunch of delicious menu items and their all-day breakfast.

Location: 1678 Barrington Street

  1. Mary’s Place Café II

Mary’s Place Café II is the second iteration of the popular North End café, hence the name. They serve all-day breakfast made with natural ingredients and serve Middle Eastern foods as well. I went here for brunch on a particularly rainy day, and the chocolate chip pancakes made it so worth the drive!

Location: 5982 Spring Garden Road

  1. Ardmore Tea Room

The Ardmore Tea Room on Quinpool Road is one of those neat diners that has been around for decades and always serves delicious breakfast foods and standard diner fare. It’s very popular with the student population and is almost always filled with patrons. Their pancakes aren’t as fluffy as the ones you’ll find at Smitty’s or Cora’s, but they’re equally as delicious and come with a bevy of sides.

Location: 6499 Quinpool Road

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