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Frog Pond Trail

West End Halifax
0.5 hours

About This Experience

“The frog pond loop is an easy 1.4km around a large pond, with trail connections to the Dingle Tower & Northwest Arm.

There are numerous benches to sit on, as well as peaceful nooks by the pond. Various trail maps and markers guide your way whether you are doing a loop or carrying on towards the Northwest Arm.

The frog pond is a haven for ducks, frogs, turtles and waterfowl alike, making it a great place for bird-watching. The viewing area off of Purcell’s Cove Road makes a good spot to stop. This area can also be used to go paddling in summer, or to strap on your skates in winter.”

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What to Bring

Walking Shoes
Cell Phone

What is Provided

Parking Lot
Picnic Tables

Things you should know

Daily Availability:Sunday - Saturday
Length of Trail1.4 kilometers
Time to Complete30 minutes
Trailhead Location2.2 km after the intersections of Herring Cove Road and Purcell's Cove Road
Linear / Loop Trailloop
Surfacecrusher dust
Other trails adjacentConnects to Sir Sandford Fleming park trails via Dingle Road
West End Halifax
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