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1625 Market Street

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October 19, 2022

Nova Scotian craft breweries are creating an immense variety of delicious and unique beers. However, with so many beers to choose from, it’s difficult to know if you’re getting the best beer for your personal taste.

At a Khuva blind tasting, you will taste 6 local Nova Scotian craft beers blind and rank them. Khuva, our craft beer recommendation system, will take it from there! Khuva learns about your preferences and will recommend local craft beers for you. For more details on the event read the itinerary below.

We are currently running tasting events with India Pale Ales.


What is Khuva?

Insight into how our algorithm works and why we decided to apply it to Nova Scotian craft beer.

How to taste beer

A crash course on the basics of beer and how best to experience the different flavors in a beer with 2 samples.

The blind tasting

You will get 6 samples of Nova Scotian craft beers to taste blind and rank from your most to least preferred.

Put Khuva to the test!

Using the model’s predictions, you will get 2 additional new blind beer samples. Khuva predicts that you will prefer one of the two samples. You pick the one you prefer, and we will see if it’s the beer Khuva picked for you!

Your beer profile

At the end of the tasting you will receive your personalized beer profile which reveals all the beers you tasted along with a Khuva beer recommendation and an interactive map of the breweries so that you know exactly where your top beer is brewed!


Date October 19, 2022
Time 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Tags Beer / Craft Beer
Event Category Eat & Drink