Local Tips August 13, 2015

8 Locations to Capture Unique Photos in Halifax

Often describing a Halifax adventure is just not enough; you want to take the perfect photo, too. 

As an avid (albeit amateur) photographer, I’m sharing 8 of my favourite places to capture unique natural, architectural and human sites during your Halifax vacation.

1 – Halifax Waterfront

The ultimate stop for people-watching, the Halifax boardwalk spans 3 kilometers along the waterfront. If you’re still developing a photographic eye, this is a great place to practice your shooting skills!

With harbour views, festivals, public art, street performers and skyline scenes, there is always something interesting to shoot.

LOCAL TIP: For a moody atmosphere, photograph on a rainy, foggy or snowy day.

2 – Halifax/Dartmouth Ferry

The Harbour Ferry is the most inexpensive tour of the Halifax Harbour around! For just $2.50, you can take a return trip to and from Dartmouth.

Your experience will depend on the day, but I recommend riding on the open top level and shooting a sunrise or sunset. Early evening makes for excellent skyline shots. If your camera is capable, try time-lapse photography to capture your trek. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a retreating morning fog or galloping harbour porpoises!

LOCAL TIP: Time your travel to catch a firework show over the harbour on one of Halifax’s many festival weekends.


3 –  Seaview Look-Off Park

Located at the northern tip of the peninsula, this park offers open views of the Bedford Basin, MacKay Bridge infrastructure, the Barrington Street overpass and power pylons.

LOCAL TIP: The juxtaposition between infrastructure, the ocean and treed landscapes makes this a creative place to play with lenses, lighting and colours.

4 –  Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove is the place to capture a quintessential East Coast landscape.

The iconic lighthouse, oceanside fishing sheds, colourful houses, open skies, calm coves and rough ocean currents make for an idyllic shot.

LOCAL TIP: For those interested in macro (close-up) photography, patterns in the white granite, seaside wild roses and shells make for striking images.


5 –  Dartmouth Cove

Between the Alderney and Woodside Ferry on the Dartmouth side of the harbour, a trail system loops around the Dartmouth Cove. Here, industrial landscapes are regenerating into new built environments while maintaining a connection to the sea.

LOCAL TIP: Dartmouth Cove is home to the works of many budding graffiti artists. Try capturing the street art on your visit.


6 – York Redoubt

As one of Halifax’s National Historic Sites of Canada, York Redoubt is a remnant military fortification at the mouth of the Halifax harbour. Roam the grounds for unique shots free from human interference.

LOCAL TIP: Residual military architecture, meadow-like and forested landscapes, dark tunnels and staircases are strong settings to capture a sense of mystery and suspense.


7 – Fisherman’s Cove

Located in the heart of Eastern Passage, Fisherman’s Cove offers a glimpse into a recreated, but active, rural fishing community.

Brightly painted fishing shacks, shops and children eating ice cream are some of the scenes that await you on your visit. Snap fishing boats moored at the wharf with the Halifax skyline in the background.

LOCAL TIP: To the south of the government wharf is McCormacks Beach Provincial Park, a great landscape to capture boardwalk activity, views of Lawlor Island or people stopping to fish and swim.

8 – Eastern Shore Beaches

With over 150 kilometers of colourful, exposed and species-rich coastline, there are endless opportunities to capture seaside landscapes on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. A number of popular beaches are within short driving distance. Rainbow Haven Beach, Conrad’s Beach and Lawrencetown Beach are 3 popular and active beaches.

Here, you can capture the power of nature in the waves, ephemeral sand patterns and ever-changing grasses and dune plants. If you’re looking for action shots, be sure to capture surfers as they power through rough Atlantic Ocean waves.

LOCAL TIP: Most sunsets are not viewed over the water on Halifax beaches, so a morning sunrise is the best time to shoot a low set-sun reflecting on the water.

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