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Eat & Drink November 5, 2015

5 Best Places to Get Hot Apple Cider in Halifax

The temperatures are dropping in the Halifax region, and chills and frost are on the horizon! One good thing about things cooling off outside is things can heat up inside. Nothing is more comforting on a cold day than cozying up indoors in some soft layers, and holding a warm drink in your hands.

Sure, you could go with your old standby – tea, coffee or hot chocolate – but why not try something spicier? Hot apple cider is both spicy and sweet at the same time, and is sure to warm you up fast. Try this delicious drink today at one of Halifax’s many unique cafes:

1. The Old Apothecary

This relatively new tenant on Barrington Street is a great place to pop into for a sweet snack and a warm beverage. Their apple cider is not necessarily on the menu daily, but if you’re lucky, you will catch it and perhaps a treat.

For example, for the recent City Harvest, they served fresh apple cider donuts, and earlier in the week offered roasted apple/apple cider/cheese bread (I’ll give you a moment to wipe the drool off your keyboard before moving on…).

2. The Nook

How could you not want to cozy up in a place with that name? This café on Gottingen Street is a coffee shop by day, bar and after-hours venue by night where everything is locally sourced and handmade.

Three words: All day breakfast! Here you can get your apple cider in its tradition form, or “strong”, mulled with the addition of fireball cinnamon whisky. Tuck yourself in – you may never want to leave!

3. Two If By Sea

Hot apple cider pairs perfectly with giant pastries, so it’s a no-brainer that this Dartmouth-based café offers both. Their cider was recommended to me by several people, one in particular lauded the fact that they “fancy it up” for you.

Do they wrap it in a croissant?

You will have to stop in and find out for yourself! All I will say is that it tastes as good as their amazing coffee (and that’s saying something).

4. World Tea House

It’s pretty much guaranteed that a business with “tea” in the name is going to be a pro at hot drinks! Their speciality, of course, is tea so it makes sense that their twist on hot cider incorporates it. Their “tea cider” (tea infused with hot apple cider) comes in a few tasty flavours, including spiced apple and ginger apple.

If that is not your taste, one of their delectable apple teas will probably give you a similar boost.

5. The Middle Spoon

The hot apple cider on offer at this sleek and fun late-night spot is for adults-only: Sailor’s Cider features apple brandy, spiced rum, warm apple cider and a clove-studded lemon disk. It is safe to say that this treat will give you a warm glow from head to toe!

The sleek atmosphere and elevated presentation takes this comforting, snuggling treat to a more grownup level.

So when the snow and ice hit Halifax, don’t despair! Just take yourself to one of these great establishments and warm up with a sweet, seasonal treat.

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