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5 Reasons to Surf in Halifax

As the capital of Canada’s ocean playground, Halifax has become a popular destination for surfers at every skill level, from first-time riders catching their very first wave, to seasoned pro’s looking for world-class swells. Halifax’s Eastern Shore has gained a reputation for having a long coastline with beautiful scenery and few people to share waves with.

Here are five reasons everyone should surf in Halifax:

1 – Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park

Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park is the most well-known surf spot around Halifax and there’s a good reason for that, as the conditions are ideal for new surfers. You’ll find plenty of places to rent or purchase surf boards and gear.

Check out East Coast Surf School at Lawrencetown Beach for surf lessons and equipment rentals!

2 – Halifax’s surf community

The local surf community has played a huge role in making surfing in Halifax as special and unique as it is.

Thanks to organizations like the Surfing Association of Nova Scotia, and many local businesses, Halifax’s surf community continues to grow, welcome, support, encourage and foster a positive surfing environment.


3 – Plenty of room to play

Surfing’s popularity has exploded around the world (including in Halifax). Anywhere warm, rumored to have amazing waves and easy access is going to be jam-packed with surfers.

While a few extra faces in the line-up never hurt anyone, too many people can take a little joy out of the sport. However, in Halifax, crowds are minimal compared to other places. And if the well-known surf zones are too crowded for your liking, chances are you’ll be able to find a less crowded spot down just the road at Martinique Beach.

East Coast Surf School is set up in the provincial park at lot #4 with plenty of board and wetsuit rental equipment, so all you have to do is show up! Learn more.

» Want to know more? Check out A Local’s Guide to Surfing in Halifax

4 – It’s Canada!

Nova Scotia – and more specifically, the Halifax area – has gained a reputation in recent years for being a year-round surf destination. The major reason for this is thousands of kilometers of south-east facing coastline, empty point-breaks with a rural countryside backdrop and hurricanes (yes, hurricanes!).

The fact is, on the east coast we do see hurricanes and tropical storms. For surfers, hurricanes bring with them the hope of large, surfable waves. A few days after a hurricane, you can find larger-than-normal waves with less wind. This often creates the perfect conditions for east coast surfers and has also drawn the attention of some of surfing’s biggest names.

The water can get chilly, but with a thick wetsuit keeping you nice and warm, all you’ll be thinking about are the world-class waves.

5 – Surf to start your day

This is probably my favourite reason for why you should surf in Halifax!  Even if you plan to be in downtown Halifax before lunch, it’s easy to squeeze in a quick surf to start your morning. Why not paddle out in the early morning to start your day?

There is no other city in Canada where you can do this. Surfing in Vancouver can involve driving for a few hours, then taking a ferry to the island, and finally surfing in Tofino. It’s more like a weekend trip away from the city. In Halifax, it’s just the opposite, you can start your workday at 9 a.m. after a great morning ride!

Even if you’re staying in downtown Halifax, you can get an hour in and still make it back to the city by early morning (as long as you don’t mind getting up just before first light).

Tips from locals:

Where to surf: Lawerencetown Beach Provincial Park and Martinique Beach Provincial Park

When to surf: Most people will say September to early spring, but my favourite time is August. Although the waves tend to be smaller, it’s when the water is warmest.

Where to shop, rent, and/or get lessons: East Coast Surf School, Kannon Beach Surf Shop, Happy Dudes Surf EmporiumHalifax Surf School.

Halifax was built by the ocean – enjoy it!

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